Looking for Christmas Style Ideas? This Home Is Full of Them


Even after 22 years of decorating her home, Brenda Lovett continues to mix up her holiday décor each year, incorporating elements from nature as well as accent pieces from around the house. Brenda’s home interiors, layered in natural tones and rich textures, provide an elegant backdrop for fresh seasonal design elements.


Brenda said she focuses her holiday décor choices around the style of her home, choosing subtle elements of Christmas for each room. One way she makes a big impact at virtually no cost is by using fresh greenery such as magnolia leaves and pine needles clipped straight from her backyard. “As much as I possibly can, I bring in live plants,” she said, noting that “there’s so much around us here in the South that’s so beautiful and stays green year-round that you just need to use your imagination.” And Brenda’s imagination, along with her backyard finds, stirs up artful vignettes that are striking yet simple.

Another way Brenda uses subtlety to spice up her Christmas décor is by choosing a signature color to use throughout the house to make the space feel festive, while staying true to her understated style. Brenda said choosing lime green this Christmas gave her cottage, especially her tablescape, a current and unexpected pop of color. “I just wanted to jazz it up a little bit,” she explained, noting she achieved her Christmas tablescape by combining her love of traditional elements and fresh greenery with the surprising silver and lime.

Brenda said that she wants visiting friends and family to enjoy the sensory experience of Christmas through her decorations, noting “the sight, smell, touch—everything—just makes [the home] come alive.”

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