Charmingly Neutral 1940s Cottage

Crisp whites and neutral tones maximize the sunlight in this ethereal 1940s cottage to create an inviting, inspirational abode.

Text By Kellie Grammer / Photography By Marcy Black Simpson

1940s Cottage -The Cottage JournalPainting often requires that artists focus on light as much or even more than the subject, and the same approach rings true in this charming cottage. Laura Blackstock, a painter, and her architect husband, Joel, bought their 1940s cottage from the daughter of its original owners 22 years ago and have since carefully crafted a serene home. “It’s small; it’s a very simple house. I think of it like a little farmhouse or lake house,” Laura says. “It’s very simple, but the windows and the light are just spectacular.”
That farmhouse simplicity feels enchanting in the space. Joel appreciates clean lines while the blending of antiques and rich textures appeals to Laura, and in this cottage all of those elements come together to create a home that is simultaneously peaceful and full of life.