Celebrate the Fourth of July with These Inspiring Spaces

Photography by Maple Creek Market

Text by Bethany Adams

In honor of Independence Day, we’ve gathered the most festive examples of red, white, and blue décor we could find! From star-spangled living spaces and wall hangings worth a second look to tabletop displays perfect for your patriotic party needs, let these 10 designs get you in the spirit for a true celebration!

Save Me a Seat

Photography by @blessedmommatobabygirls on Instagram

It isn’t all stars and stripes—introducing the colors of the flag in new ways maintains the spirit of the holiday but with a creative twist. Mix classic elements like gingham and transferware, and you’ll be able to use the pieces separately throughout the year!

Hand-Stitched Heritage


Photography by @ddcamp170 on Instagram

There’s nothing more suited to a celebration of history than pieces handcrafted by previous generations. This quilt makes a one-of-a-kind wall hanging, especially when paired with a collection of vintage décor and other patriotic knickknacks.

A Light Touch

Photography by @fancyfixdecor on Instagram

Sometimes, keeping things simple can create the biggest impact, especially in a white-dominated space like this bedroom. A throw pillow, a pair of pennant banners, a few mini flags in a vase—pick a handful of small pieces and allow them to shine together!

Spread the Spirit

Photography by Maple Creek Market

Don’t confine your patriotic décor to just one area of your space. From the mantel display to a scattering of throw pillows to a couple of flags tucked here and there, this living room features a balance that maintains its calming atmosphere.

American Farmhouse

Photography by @thecalvertcottage on Instagram

Simple to create but undeniably charming, ribbon flags can add patriotic cottage flair to any room. Backing up a centerpiece created with simple ironstone pitchers, it’s the quintessential example of festive farmhouse style.

Heritage at Home

Photography by @wheresistersgather on Instagram

Subtle and simple, this display is rich with history. From the vintage paper chain to the gently faded flag, it demonstrates the visual impact a few well-chosen antiques can have.

Summer Inside

Photography by @thevintagetearose on Instagram

Bringing the holiday indoors is easy with a few well-placed décor pieces. Subtle touches like throws and accent pillows tie in the fan bunting this homeowner hung from the mantel, filling the space with a summery spirit normally reserved for the outdoors.

A Bottled Celebration

Photography by @whiteoakcottage on Instagram

A quick and easy option for a centerpiece or vignette, creating this display is as simple as grouping a few antique bottles and adding miniature flags, but the finished product is photo-worthy! Atop a table spread with a Fourth of July meal, it’s an eye-catching touch that’s easy to achieve.

A Simple Swag

Photography by @crystalcottagedesign on Instagram

The white-on-white charm of this farmhouse creates a backdrop that lets the red, white, and blue shine its brightest. Draping a vintage piece across a dresser or sideboard is a simple but effective way to create an impactful vignette.

Red, White, and Blue—and Blue and White

Photography by @mollyinmaine on Instagram

A quick touch that makes a statement, this smattering of small flags fits well within a collection of chinoiserie dishes, demonstrating the perfect way to blend seasonal décor with an existing design style.

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