‘I Can Do That’

About 12 years ago, Johnny Sims was wandering through an antiques store when he spotted a small box covered in seashells. “I can do that,” he said casually, just as many of us have done. But the difference between Johnny and us is that Johnny actually did it.

It started out as a hobby covering boxes and frames with shells and giving them as gifts. However, in a short time, some of his shell crafts were featured in a national magazine, and shop owners and decorators around the country were placing orders. Johnny has collected shells on beaches from Key Largo to Key West. He also orders shells from wholesalers and has even talked a Florida restaurant owner into saving oyster shells for him. His biggest job to date has been creating three 4-by-8-foot oyster shell mirrors for the casino in the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas.

When not working his day job, Johnny continues to work in his studio, the Shell Shack, creating beautiful picture frames, mirrors, boxes, and even chandeliers covered with treasures from the sea.