Discover This Southern Twist on California Cottage Style

California Cottage Inspiration

In the dining room, Robin says she was tired of the traditional look and was ready to try something new. “I told my husband, ‘This dining room is looking too much like everybody’s dining room with the English sideboard, table, and chandelier.’ So I told him I knew what I was going to do to make this room pop,” Robin says. That’s when she incorporated the pink patent leather dining chairs and table they had inherited from their Aunt Eleanor Kidd, who was well known in the community for her passion for pink.

“I told my husband we were bringing those pink chairs in. They’re too special,” Robin says. On a mission to bring a fresh new energy into such a classic space, she also added a metallic wallpaper and bold prints. “I just wanted it to look like a fun room, a room where you wouldn’t fall asleep at the dining room table,” Robin says. “We now eat there every night because we realized we really enjoy sitting at that table.”