Bring Bold Color to Your Home with Blogger Sara Davis

Boys' Room
Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: You use a lot of pattern in your home, from flooring to wallpaper to pillows. What’s your secret to picking a pattern that isn’t overwhelming and that you won’t tire of?

SD: I try not to buy any pattern that is too trendy. Also, I generally don’t buy patterned furniture; I find I do grow tired of it quickly.

Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: You have wallpaper in a few different rooms in your home, including your gorgeous mudroom. How would you describe your experience with wallpaper, and would you advise other people to try it out?

SD: I began my wallpaper obsession with removable wallpaper and eventually graduated on to the real thing—by mistake. I bought what I had thought was removable paper, and then realized it wasn’t. My husband knows how much I like to change things up and after spending a summer during college removing wallpaper from an apartment, he wasn’t too excited for me to begin hanging real wallpaper. However, I managed to persuade him to allow me to hang that wallpaper, and I’ve continued to slowly add more throughout our home. I think through my wallpaper choices pretty hard—I don’t want to tire of them too quickly!

Master Bedroom
Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: The master suite in your home is much more serene and neutral than much of the rest of your décor. What was your inspiration for switching things up in this space?

SD: Honestly, the master suite is more neutral for a couple of reasons. The first is that although I would have loved to try a bolder paint color, the space is SO hard to paint with its vaulted ceilings. I decided to go with a neutral cream. I wanted something bright and warm. I had originally planned on navy, gold, and blush accents. However, my husband walked in to see me painting our nightstands blush and freaked out, so I only added navy and gold as the accent colors—for now!