Bring Bold Color to Your Home with Blogger Sara Davis

navy and pink living room
Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: On the note of bold color choices, your living room is a gorgeous navy blue that is so chic and sophisticated. How do you bring more light into this space with such dark walls?

SD: Our living room slowly grew to be all navy. I first painted the walls on either side of the fireplace, and once I became a little braver, painted the wall to the right. Eventually all four walls surrounding the space were painted, but it was a process. The living room has a wall of windows, so I knew there would be plenty of light for such a dark color. The living room also opens up to the very light kitchen, which balances the bold nicely.

elegant DIY
Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: You went through a crazy nine-week kitchen overhaul. What did you learn from this experience, and what would you do differently?

SD: In regard to mistakes when remodeling, my husband and I DIYed our kitchen over the span of nine weeks. Between DIYing the kitchen, the budget, and the short time frame, there are definitely things I would have done differently if we had a larger budget and a contractor. However, our number one goal in the space was to open up the kitchen to make it more conducive for our family and entertaining. I know there are things I would do differently if I remodeled the kitchen now, but I am also not one to obsess over what I should have done. I’m thankful for the updated space. It is definitely better than what it was!