Bring Bold Color to Your Home with Blogger Sara Davis

blue dining room
Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: Along with your renovations, you’ve also shared your home’s style transformation over the years, which has been a pretty dramatic one. Currently, your home has a sophisticated style with colorful, glam touches and a few rustic elements. What led you to settle on the style you use today?

SD: My style has definitely been a journey—and continues to be one! I’ve made some crazy design choices and am still searching some to find my design style. Generally, I lean toward a more elegant, traditional design style. I need order, so I use symmetry in most of my designs. I also love dreamy, neutral designs, but I also crave color. I find that I mix both into my designs.

Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: You use so much color in your décor, which we absolutely love! But adding in bold hues can be a daunting undertaking for many people. What are your best tips for creating a cohesive look with vibrant hues?

SD: Add vibrant hues in accent pieces, rugs, throws, pillows. Begin with a few pieces and slowly add more as you become braver. I tell my clients to start with a neutral space and find some colors to add in. Also, if you decide to add a particular color to your space (like blue, for example), don’t be confined to one particular shade of blue. Use several—it definitely makes it more interesting!