Bring Bold Color to Your Home with Blogger Sara Davis

kitchen remodel
Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: You’ve done a few different large-scale DIY renovations in your home. What’s been your favorite to date?

SD: Our kitchen is definitely my favorite large-scale DIY renovation. I remember that moment of sheer panic after we had demolished our kitchen in less than two hours. I just stared at the empty shell and wondered how the heck we were going to put it back together . . . but we did!

Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: With all these DIY projects, you’ve given tutorials both starting from scratch and using thrift store finds and even IKEA hacks. Where do you get the inspiration for creating all these beautiful projects?

SD: I love the elegance of the past. I am obsessed with PBS period pieces, and I think it’s because I am so inspired by the décor and dress (Downton Abbey, Poldark, Victoria). We went to Washington, D.C., over spring break, and I could not get enough of George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon. I follow Chateau de Gudanes on Instagram and just die over their gorgeous imagery.

In regard to more current inspiration, I absolutely love the work of Caitlin Wilson and Bria Hammel Interiors.  I am also inspired by scrolling through Instagram, shopping at stores, and visiting friends’ homes.

Shiplap in Kitchen
Photography courtesy Sara Davis