Bring Bold Color to Your Home with Blogger Sara Davis

Sincerely Sara D. Home
Photography courtesy Sara Davis

Text by Hannah Jones

Sara Davis
Photography courtesy Sara Davis

Sincerely, Sara D. blogger Sara Davis’s home is nothing short of bold and bright. She has a vibrant style, with splashes of navy and pink interjected throughout her home. But Sara wasn’t always so brave with her palette. We sat down with her to talk about her home’s transformation over the years, and her advice for bringing color back to our homes.

The Cottage Journal: You started blogging nearly five years ago when you were in a different home. What led you to start this journey?

Sara Davis: I was created to create. It’s what makes me tick. As a little girl, I was always entering coloring contests and making homemade gifts for our family. I went into college with the intention of just earning a business degree but felt like I was drowning. I added a second major in art and design, and suddenly, I felt like I was doing what I was made to do—creating!

After college, I loved working for the greeting card company but quit my job to stay at home with our firstborn. I was absolutely miserable those first few years. I completely lost myself—which I now know is not unusual for new moms.

When my youngest was 2, I created Sincerely, Sara D. It began as a custom invitation and card company, but I realized I loved decorating and sharing DIY tutorials more than creating stationary. Once I began using our home as my canvas, I came alive again, and my DIY home décor blog was born.

Photography courtesy Sara Davis
TCJ: As mentioned before, your current home is your second. Why did you move, and what were your must-haves when looking for a new home?

SD: We moved into our current home because of my husband’s career move. We were living in a fast-growing suburb just north of Indianapolis, Indiana, and my husband’s new job was over an hour away. We settled on a small town in between our old home and his new job. We were both raised in smaller communities and loved the idea of giving our kids that same upbringing.

When we looked at our home, I saw it for what it could be. At the time, it was being lived in by a single dad and his three kids and had been on the market for a while. It originally had a pool table in the dining room and the home really hadn’t been updated since it was built. The outside is what I absolutely fell head over heels for. It’s a French chateau style—sophisticated, with painted brick. I loved how timeless it looked. Unfortunately, it was the only home I wanted in the area, and my husband still teases me today that we lost all bargaining power because I was too in love.