Bring in the Bold with These 2020 Design Trends

Text by Bethany Adams

The new year is underway, and with all the style trends making their way onto the scene, we’ve noticed one common theme: vibrant, eye-catching elements designed to add a little liveliness to any space! From rich monochromes and mixed-and-matched patterns to one-of-a-kind, conversation-sparking materials, we can’t wait to find ways to incorporate a touch of daring design into the cozy comforts of cottage style. So, check out this list of our favorite 2020-ready spaces and join us in our resolution to welcome bold and beautiful style into our lives and homes this year!

Embrace the Rainbow

Photography by Shayna Fontana, Styling by Ashley Maddox

Neutrals have been welcoming us with the coziest of embraces for years, but we’re thrilled to see more vibrant palettes popping up! If you were waiting for the right time to add a little drama to your home, it has arrived, and the possibilities are limitless. From paint and wallpapers to textiles and accessories, everything is fair game!

Patterns and Prints


We’re seeing a pattern with patterns, and we can’t get enough! Floral wallpapers, toile upholstery, geometric accessories . . . Any and every surface is the perfect place to introduce this trend into your home, and the best part is that you can go with as little or as much as you like! And while layering complementing designs may be the obvious way to go, many designers are making the extra-bold choice of carrying the same pattern across multiple surfaces!

Living on the Edge

Photography by Leslie Santarina via Gardenista

When it comes to the trim and ceiling, basic whites and neutrals have been a go-to for a long time—maybe too long. Bold trim and statement-making ceilings are stepping onto the scene, and we think they’re long past due. Feel like taking the leap? Wallpaper is a simple way to introduce personality to your ceiling, and with so many removable options out there, it’s easy to change it out when you want to see something fresh!

Design by Chickadee Interiors

A New Take on Tile

Subway tile has reigned supreme in kitchens and bathrooms alike for some time, but its time may be running short. We’re seeing more and more homeowners and designers opting for eye-catching options for their backsplashes and powder rooms, from vibrant handmade creations to antique works of art. With shape, color, and pattern to take into account, it’s easy to design a space that’s uniquely yours!

Culinary Color

Photography via Young House Love

We spend too much time in our kitchens to not love the way they look, and while all-white kitchen spaces are beautiful, creative cabinetry is stealing the show this year! Whether you prefer black and white or something a little more vibrant—like rich greens and blues—this is the perfect way to add depth and liveliness to the heart of your home!

Pretty and Practical

Photography via Thibaut

Designing a beautiful home that can hold up to children and pets can be a challenge, which is why the growing selection of high-quality performance fabrics in a gorgeous array of textures and colors is one of our favorite upcoming trends! While using outdoor fabrics indoors was once considered a compromise, performance fabrics are now being created to blend perfectly with the rest of your interior, and using them is an easy way to combat everyday wear and tear while staying true to your style.

Truly Timeless

With so many trends centering on the audacious, don’t think that timeless style is on its way out. Instead, we’re seeing more and more people using classic elements to balance their bolder design choices, and treasured antique pieces are more popular than ever! Pairing the old with the contemporary is nothing new to fans of cottage style, and it seems the technique isn’t going away anytime soon!

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