Create the Most Calming Master Suite

Bedroom filled with the color purple
Though the Flemings’ oldest daughter was only 14 months old at the time of her design, Marianne was sure to create a space that would fit no matter her age. “I wanted the room to feel playful but also have the ability to grow with her,” she says. / Photography by Jim Bathie

While the master bedroom and nursery are calming spaces, Kelli added lively color and prints to her oldest daughter’s room. Moving her from the serene nursery, the Flemings knew that they wanted their daughter’s room to be more colorful. They’d previously made a crib skirt in an animal print fabric, so they continued with that fabric as their inspiration. As for her color choice, Kelli attributes the decision to her daughter, stating, “My daughter looks so cute in the color purple!”

Though most of the bedrooms pushed Kelli out of her colorful comfort zone, the result was the soothing space she and her husband wanted and needed. “I knew I wanted something soft and calming but not boring,” Kelli says. “The color palette and mix of patterns has achieved just what I was going for.”