Coastal Bermuda Cottage

The galley kitchen has a pass-through window to the den, making serving easy for casual buffet dinners. The kitchen also opens to the living room with its white fireplace adorned with decorative metal fish. “They were created from recycled materials and cut from metal,” Carol explains. She carried the fish back from New Zealand and admits, “at times I thought I was crazy, but I’m so glad I did.”

The master bedroom is bathed in warm Bermuda sunlight and has fabulous views of Harrington Sound. It also opens to what Carol calls the gray room, or the back terrace which she finds ideal for entertaining. When welcoming guests to her home she likes to hang the flag of their home country. On a typical day, it wouldn’t be unusual to see the flag of Bermuda hanging alongside flags of Switzerland and the United States. A fire pit is a new addition that provides a gathering spot for conversation. And when guests are feeling more adventurous Carol will take them for a cocktail cruise on her 21-foot Boston schooner that is docked mere steps from the charming escape she is proud to call home.