Get to Know the Artists of Farmhouse Pottery

Behind the Scenes at Farmhouse Pottery

Inspired by timeless designs and traditional processes, Farmhouse Pottery’s Zoe and James Zilian are hoping to reconnect people to a simpler lifestyle with their quality, handmade products.

Text by Bethany Adams / Photography by Jim Bathie

Behind the Scenes at Farmhouse Pottery
Photography by Jim Bathie

Before Zoe and James Zilian were the names behind Farmhouse Pottery, they were college students “drawn to creating together,” says Zoe. “James created his first piece of pottery in sixth grade and immediately fell in love, and I always worked in design in some capacity,” she notes. Now, their growing Vermont-based company offers a wide range of home goods that are gaining national attention for their timeless style and unmatched quality.

Farmhouse Pottery got its start in the Zilians’ one-wheel basement studio with the creation of the Windrow Berry Bowl. “Our girls used it to pick fresh berries from the garden,” James says. “At that moment, our vision suddenly became clear.”

Behind the Scenes at Farmhouse Pottery
Photography by Jim Bathie // According to Zoe, the stoneware clay used in their pieces is mined in Ohio, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Tennessee before being shipped to the studio, where water and air content are tested. “Each piece is then thrown by hand on our American-made potter’s wheels,” Zoe says. “Once they’ve been shaped, they spend the night in a humidity-controlled damp room before being trimmed and hand-stamped. And finally, after a few days of drying, each piece is fired in the kiln, glazed, fired again, stone sanded, and inspected for quality.”