The Before and After of This Cottage Kitchen Renovation Is Stunning

Photography by John O'Hagan, Styling by Lucy Finney

Text by Hannah Nance

Before an extensive renovation, this kitchen was dated and closed off. But it now has new life and a wonderful floor plan thanks to one creative designer.

Photography by John O’Hagan, Styling by Lucy Finney

When the Holt family was renovating their mid-century ranch-style home, the kitchen was a top priority in the design. With three young daughters and a husband who loves to cook, Jordan Holt knew the space needed to be both an enjoyable place for the family to spend time together and durable enough to hold up to the wear and tear of the five of them. Fortunately, interior designer Caitie Morgan understood their needs and got to work creating the kitchen of their dreams.

The Holts’ home renovation was extensive and included rearranging the floor plan and removing the wall that separated the kitchen and living room to create a more open area. Now, the couple has the freedom to move between both spaces while still being able to watch their children and chat with each other.

Photography by John O’Hagan, Styling by Lucy Finney

Drawing on Old-World charm with the warmth of rough-hewn wood, a neutral and cozy color palette, and classic lines, Caitie incorporated the Holts’ vision while honoring the history of the home, keeping in mind the functionality of the space, and adding in a few contemporary elements. Texture played a key element in the space, with the woven Ballard Designs barstools and wood beam above the range. Caitie also customized undulated tiles for the backsplash to complement the rest of the kitchen’s aesthetic. To match the timeless style of the space, she had each tile cut down from a rectangle to a square shape to give it a more “natural” feel.

Where the dining room is now was originally the living room, but Caitie decided to switch the floor plan around so the dining room would be a separate, formal space and the living room would open directly into the shared kitchen space. The dining room is now one of the first rooms you see when entering the home, and Caitie’s sophisticated yet comfortable design gives the perfect first impression.

Photography by John O’Hagan, Styling by Lucy Finney

The vintage-style elements in the design also play into the overall practicality of the space. A heavily used and well-loved room in the family of five’s abode, the kitchen has become a gathering space and a cozy nest in the center of their renovated dream home. 

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