Beautifully Stitched Antiques



In particular, Rhoda is most fond of embroidered scenes displaying birds, forest-bound animals, still lifes, and Bible verses that are often found in primitive samplers. While traveling with dear friends throughout Europe, she purchased many of them at antiques fairs and open-air markets. “At one time I also owned a tiny antiques store,” Rhoda adds, “which greatly enabled me to buy and trade on a regular basis.”

Best of all, she and her family are able to enjoy this array of wonderful things in a house her father built in 1939. “Daddy and an architect buddy of his supervised its construction, which contains 12-inch-thick plastered walls consisting of steel-reinforced concrete.” Even though the house could survive most calamities, Rhoda is quick to confide that “something was lost in translation” because most of the rooms are smaller than originally intended.