Beautifully Stitched Antiques

Beautifully Stitched Antiques - The Cottage Journal Magazine


Among her array of antiques and cherished possessions, this homeowner’s needlepoint artwork and furnishings embody all that she holds dear.

Text By Robert C. Martin

When it comes to collecting her favorite keepsakes and trinkets, Rhoda Watkins relies on both a keen eye and a warm heart to guide her. Whether she’s in search of vintage glass match strikers, Gothic-inspired finials and furniture, or fine leather-bound books, this homeowner takes great care in selecting things that reflect her personality. Yet it is her series of framed needlepoint pieces and other delicately stitched items that fully capture all of her varied interests.

Consisting of American, English, and French artisanship, these treasured finds, many of which date from the early to mid-1800s, establish a sense of serenity and beauty within the Watkins’ home. “Over the years, I’ve developed what I call my ‘five Fs’: my faith in God, my love for fauna and flora, good food, and of course, my family and friends,” Rhoda states. “Whenever I look around my house and see these wonderful things, I’m reminded of what’s important to me in life.”