Beautiful Garden Accents

Text by Katie Ellis

Fill your garden with inspiring sights.

Decorating your landscape with garden art, sculptures, or water features is a great way to enhance your space and showcase your personal style. While garden gnomes and statues of angels, children, and animals may be popular finds in many gardens today, the trend of putting statues outdoors in a place of refuge and solace is centuries old.

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

During the Renaissance, gardens often served as outdoor museums, filled with music, poetry reading, and of course, classical sculptures. As the taste for garden sculptures grew, it spread throughout Europe, and collecting became a competitive hobby. The trend slowed briefly as the Puritan cause urged against the worship of graven images. But the use of garden sculpture soon revived and remains popular today.

So whether you’re enriching your space with wind chimes and birdbaths or sculptures and trellises, find what speaks to your style and give it a home in the garden.

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

When selecting plants for your garden, think about color, texture, and overall design. If you’re a fan of feathered friends, welcome them into your garden with feeders and perhaps a birdbath. These additions are sure to bring bird sightings and the sweet sounds of their songs.

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

A retreat in the backyard means that a mini vacation is only moments away. There is no substitute for the childlike wonderment found while perching on a wooden swing.

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

In the garden, a gate, an arbor, or a trellis provides an excellent anchor for plants such as ivy, roses, or clematis that like to climb and cover.

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

It takes only a tiny seed to start a garden, so be sure to view your plot of land with potential in mind. Map out a place for statuary or a water feature, which will add instant charm.

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

Adding a garden statue to your outdoor sanctuary is not only a great way to add a touch of personal charm, but the variance in height, texture, and color it offers can exude a balanced aesthetic appeal.

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