Take a Tour of This Beautiful Hydrangea Garden

Beautiful Hydrangea Garden

Homeowner Wendy White was never much of a gardener before she planted her first hydrangea bush in 1989. In the years since, her garden has grown to encircle her house and creep into the surrounding woods, covering the Whites’ property in a blanket of green leaves dotted with colorful flower blossoms. Under Wendy’s tender care and attention—up to eight hours a day—her hydrangeas return each year, brightening her days with spectacular color and vibrancy from March through November.

Beautiful Hydrangea Garden

“I planted this garden in God’s honor, and it’s all for his glory.” – Wendy White

Less finicky than many other flowers, hydrangeas thrive in rich, porous, slightly moist soil, and a combination of full sun and shade, though many of these plants will grow just as well in partial shade. Wendy’s quaint garden shed provides the perfect spot to relax and meditate in between sessions of tending her plants.

Beautiful Hydrangea Garden

Shape & Style

A mainstay in gardens across the country during the warm months, there are few flowers as recognizable as the hydrangea. From pom-poms of deep blue to white-budded blooms, these comely flowers take form in many sizes and colors, with three major shapes prevalent across the United States.

Lacecaps feature a grouping of tiny flowers encircled by larger, showier flowers. Mopheads, perhaps the most popular shape, are defined by flowers that form an orb of color, peppering bushes of wide green leaves. Panicle hydrangeas feature flowers that grow into an elongated shape similar to a cone. Wendy’s well-tended garden shows off some of each for a charming array of color and shape among a sea of lush green leaves.

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