Beat Winter’s Chill with Inspiration from Our Spring Issue

Photography by Michael Hunter, Design by Kristen Nix

Spring is the ideal time to shake off the winter blues and breathe new life and color into your cottage décor and this new issue has plenty of bold and beautiful style ideas to help! In this issue, we highlight dwellings across the country, including a California cottage that was influenced by the land it resides on and an Atlanta, Georgia, designer’s home that is as bright and cheerful as the flowers that grace the patio outside. We hope that decorating your home this spring from inspiration in this new issue brings you joy and relaxed comfort. Take a sneak peek at what this issue has to offer below, and then pick up your own copy!

Bright and Beautiful

Photography by Robert Radifera, Styling by Charlotte Safavi, Design by Alexis Dattoli

A Fairfax, Virginia, abode gets a facelift and leaves behind a dated, builder-grade interior for bright spaces that are both beautiful and kid-friendly.

Garden Inspired

Photography by Karen Snyder

Karen Snyder of Sanctuary Home Decor wanted her California cottage to blend in with its surroundings in her equestrian community and allow her to execute her dream of creating an English-style garden. Mission accomplished!

A Designer’s Retreat

Design by Pebbles Nix

Designer Pebbles Nix pays homage to family tradition and personal passions while curating a forever home for her family.

Southern Splendor

Photography by Michael Hunter

Drawing on a shared love of a time-honored design element, this homeowner and
interior designer Kristen Nix created a classic cottage with plenty of personality.

Colorful and Clean

Photography by Jim Bathie, Styling by Sidney Bragiel, Design by Wesley Stanley

Inspired by clean living and a colorful client, designer Wesley Stanley created a kitchen that is the perfect interpretation of the family that loves it.

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