This English Tudor-Style Home Has The Most Blissful Backyard

You don’t have to leave home to own a piece of paradise!

backyard gardenHidden behind a century-old home, this splendid backyard garden has risen to the occasion of reflecting the history of the place.

backyard gardenAn uneven cobblestone path beneath your feet and the sound of trickling water amid the beauty of so many fresh and fragrant blooms make this private family garden a sight to behold. Tucked behind an old English Tudor–style home, it’s a glorious reminder that you don’t have to leave home to own a piece of paradise.

English-style cottage and garden in backyardWhen putting together your outdoor space, don’t forget to create at least one special place to sit, take deep breaths, and revel in the beauty around you. Choose comfortable chairs or benches and perhaps a small tabletop to enjoy your morning coffee.

backyard gardenA slow-trickling water fountain hung on a salvaged stone wall is a simple gesture in the big scheme of planning and planting a garden, but it brings along its own sweet melody. Picture the exterior of your home when planting your garden. This old English Tudor–style home is joyfully enhanced by bright blooming florals and plenty of evergreen plants.

backyard garden

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