Floral Wreaths for Autumn

autumn_floral_wreath_thistle  Text by Tovah Martin  /  Photography by Kindra Clineff

Autumn’s colorful fervor lives on in the heart of your home when you gather and weave together dried flowers and seedpods into seasonal wreaths.

As the days become nippy, who can resist squirreling away a smidgen of autumn’s shimmer to brighten your world indoors? And how wonderful if what you create captures and sustains the garden’s bounty long after it dwindles outside. Harvest that glory, bring it in, intertwine it together, and savor its hues. One thing is certain—you will surely want to see fall’s brilliance again in the coming months. And when you do, you’ll have all the texture, essence, and jewel tones of a sparkling season wound succinctly into a wreath.