This Artist Has a Southern Story to Tell

This Artist Has a Southern Story to TellLauren began painting as a child and pursued her passion through high school and college. After working as an art teacher for several years she decided to stay home with her growing family and later dedicate herself to becoming a professional artist. For nearly five years now, Lauren has been living her dream as she creates stunning works from her home’s light-filled studio in Franklin, Tennessee, and her paintings are deeply reflective of her Southern upbringing.

“It’s just sort of in me,” she says of her subject matter. “I like simple things that remind me of a Southern life.” For Lauren this translates to beautiful hillside chapels, timeworn barns, colorful florals, animals, and landscapes. “I like things that look like they’ve had a life, things that tell a story,” she shares. And while the subjects may have a rich history and a story to tell, Lauren says each of her works are personal to her. “I feel like it’s a part of me—like it’s me telling my story and my life through my art and painting,” she says.