Add a Cheerful Greeting to Your Front Door with These Décor Ideas

A sky blue front door with a hanging basket of pink flowers.
Photography by Jim Bathie

Text by Katie Ellis

Wildflowers in a blue pail.

A colorful metal basket is the perfect vessel for hanging springtime florals—real or faux. Bright cerulean blue and vibrant magenta blooms accompanied by lush greens can make even the most ordinary doors feel fresh and new.

A green door with a rattan wreath.
Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

If your home’s entry has unique architectural interest, consider keeping your door ornamentation simple. Monochromatic color schemes, like an arrangement of all white blooms, offer a friendly welcome that doesn’t compete with the surroundings. Utilizing texture—in vessel choice, ribbons, and blossoms—is another great way to incorporate a creative pop while keeping a simple sophistication.

A sky blue door with a hanging basket of pink flowers.
Photography by Jim Bathie

Foraged straight from the garden or purchased at a market, spring bouquets are sure to add a touch of sunshine to your front door. For a stylish look, try arranging multiple floral varieties at differing heights and adorning your basket with brightly colored ribbons for added visual interest.

A hanging basket full of lavender.
Photography by John O’Hagan

For a more natural look, a handful of your favorite wildflowers is always appealing.

A stone house with a white floral wreath on the front door.
Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

If maintaining floral décor feels daunting, opt for a classic wreath as your front door decoration. Fresh greenery is sure to awaken the senses. To keep the foliage looking new, gently spritz a wreath with water every few days.

A front door with a hanging trio of boxwood wreaths.
Photography by John O’Hagan

If you’re feeling adventurous, mix up the classic look with a touch of personal flair, and try a triple wreath.

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