A Splash of Color: Decorate Your Cottage with Bright Colors

Primary Colors to Decorate Cottages - The Cottage Journal

By Katie Wood/ Adapted from Susan Sargent’s The Comfort of Color

Designer Susan Sargent, author of The Comfort of Color, loves to decorate cottages with a brilliant color story. Learn how to incorporate vivid color into your design like the Hynds did. 

When Stan and Stephanie Hynds moved into their 1970s Cape Cod-style home in New England, they had their hands full with toddler Wally and the birth of their second child, Florrie. Like most new parents, they didn’t have time to look at the walls of their new home much less think about their color—or lack thereof. As the fourth winter in their home approached, Stephanie came up for air and realized she was color-deprived. “I looked outside, and there was nothing,” she said. “The sky was white, there were no leaves on the trees, no grass on the ground, no color at all.”