A Neutral Cottage Accented with Dreamy Pastels Offers Refined Elegance

Brooke’s art selections, too, integrate her neutral sway. A set of six architectural renderings in matching frames hang above the mantel. “This was an easy way to have a strong focal point over the fireplace,” she explains, while fresh blooms complete the vignette. “I love to cut from the yard—choosing herbs, flowers, and other greenery. The whole process feels very Southern to me, and it’s the best way to literally bring the outside in.” Vessels range from a bud vase to the more creative sterling trophy and an old English pub cup. “My motto has always been simply to buy things that I love,” Brooke says. “I might not know exactly where they’re going to go, but I know if I love them, they’ll always have a place in my home.”

Photography by William Dickey

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