A Functional Family Redesign


Having a drop spot for the kids in the keeping room was important to Kim, but she didn’t want it to look cluttered or junky. She hung a hook rack at the kids’ eye level for coats and backpacks and added a place above to feature birthday party invitations and artwork—instead of covering up their refrigerator. Having a space that was open to the kitchen but also kid-friendly and home to Kim’s desk area was important to the Downeys’ lifestyle. “Every mother knows this—young children want to be where you are. We have a playroom upstairs, but they want to be close to you; so [the keeping room] has become a place where I can be in the kitchen cooking and helping one child with homework at the bar while another is at the computer finishing up something from school or reading,” Kim explains. “It’s been really, really great.”

SCH Interiors 
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