A Functional Family Redesign


Text by Katie Wood

By knocking down a few walls, these homeowners now have a kitchen area that is both beautiful and functional for their growing family.

As parents of young boys, homeowners Mark and Kim Downey felt the walls closing in as they realized their living space—especially their kitchen—was much too closed off to accommodate their growing family. They knew it was time for a redesign. “Right now I have little boys in my kitchen, but pretty soon they’re going to be big boys, and I knew we needed to spread out,” Kim says. “Knocking out the walls just gave us the space we were missing. Now it is just so functional for us.” Four months after knocking down the walls of their dining room, completely opening the space into their kitchen and living room, the Downeys’ traditional ranch-style house now boasts a crisp, clean, and most importantly, spacious cooking and dining area.