A Blanket of White: The Magic of a Winter Snow Landscape

Terraces were installed with transparent railings so the distant linden ellipse can be viewed when following a path on foot isn’t possible. Walkways with intriguing paving take on character and become more than just a means to carry us from one surprise to the next. When the belvedere is crowned in snow and sculpture juts from the ground, the garden is like an anatomy lesson. Always attuned to the yin and yang, Jorge couldn’t resist creating a conservatory as the ultimate suspension of reality. In that warm, sunny domain, bright orchids grow floriferous against the mono-color environment.

Snow Landscape
Part of the linden’s winter allure is its fiery red twig tips. Jorge made them more prominent by backing the allée with a yew hedge. (Photography by Andre Baranowski)

When he discovered winter, a door was opened into a blanketed world where the not-so-silent night and sparkling day say everything. In a garden, the mood is forever changing. But as Jorge likes to say, “The grace, mystery, and romance are always there.”

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Winter 2018 issue