Tour This Southern-Style Dream Cottage

The Hicks Family's Dream Cottage
Photography By Stephanie Welbourne

As the project began, they wanted to create a “new old house.” Equipped with all the charms of an older home and the conveniences of a new build, they designed the single-level house themselves and worked with a draftsman to help bring their ideas to life. “We knew we wanted a raised cottage, since we enjoy spending most of our time outside,” Averee says, making one of the key elements of this quintessential Southern cottage the large front and back porches. “We live on our porches. I don’t have a solid door on the outside of my house; instead I have 11 sets of French doors, so it really brings the outside in.”

Style Idea

When creating an open-concept design consider decorating with neutral furnishings and grounding each space with an area rug to create a natural visual flow. Then accent with layers of color and interesting collections that make the spaces feel defined and personal while remaining a single, cohesive room.


The two separate porches wrap around the front and back of the house and allow for a myriad of various living spaces outdoors. “We’d all much rather be outside, so to have ‘outdoor rooms’ that we really use makes the porches so functional for us,” Averee says.