Step into Blogger Cindy Blackenburg’s French-Inspired Cottage

Step into Blogger Cindy Blackenburg's French-Inspired Cottage

Inspired by two distinct styles, blogger Cindy Blackenburg transformed an outdated interior into a French country dream.

Text by Bethany Adams

When Cindy Blackenburg and her husband purchased their 3,800-square-foot home seven years ago, it was largely unchanged since its construction in the 1970s. “The home sat on the market for several years—and after seeing it, I understand why it never sold,” Cindy recalls. “Seeing it for the first time was like walking back into a 1972 time warp.”

Step into Blogger Cindy Blackenburg's French-Inspired Cottage
Photography courtesy of Cindy Blackenburg

Situated in Cindy’s hometown in Missouri, the home featured original architectural details like stained-glass and mullioned French windows, curved brick archways, a marble fireplace, and an ornate wrought iron staircase that took Cindy’s breath away. However, those charming details were obscured by shag carpet, hot pink and turquoise tile, and flocked avocado-green wallpaper. “It was a bit overwhelming, and I could see why it sat on the market for so long,” Cindy says. “Fortunately, John and I could see the diamond in the rough.”