9 Reasons You Should be Decorating with Coral

A bookshelf with white coral-shaped bookends.
Image by Alyssa Rosenheck, Interior designs by Katie Gibson Interiors

Text by Bethany Adams

Whether you live on the coast or just love the beauty of the beach, expressing your adoration for ocean views in your home can be tricky. To do it without falling prey to kitschy décor, consider decorative coral pieces that are as versatile as they are unique! With summer on its way, these pieces and the patterns they inspire can be incorporated into nearly any home style. Check out a few of our favorite examples to see how you can use this summer icon in your cottage!

Shelved Style

A built-in bookshelf with coral pieces.
Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

Layered in among favorite knickknacks and stacked books, natural coral can add unique texture and character to your shelves. While it’s ideal for a beach house, these organic marvels are wonderful for any home!

In Full Color

A tabletop vignette with blue coral, seashells, and starfish.
Photography by Jim Bathie, Styling by Sidney Bragiel

Love a little vibrant style in your home? Faux coral pieces come in a wide variety of shades, which means you can always find something to fit your palette!

Set the Table

A table set with red-and-white coral dishware.
Photography by Jim Bathie, Styling by Sidney Bragiel

Serve up summer vibes with coral-inspired dishware! No matter what you’re serving, it’s the perfect splash of color for an outdoor tablescape.

A Love of Lucite

White coral paperweights.
Photography by John O’Hagan, Styling by Kim Chiselko

For a contemporary twist, faux options atop clear acrylic bases are perfect fillers for your shelves, side tables, or anywhere else you’d like to add a touch of summer spirit!

Pillow Perfection

A living room with white and light blue furnishings.
Photography by Dustin Peck, Interior design by Southern Studio Interior Design, Built by Whitney Blair Custom Homes, Architectural designs by Allison Ramsey Architects

Don’t forget textiles when thinking of ways to incorporate coral décor! These colorful covers make fitting companions for a pair of ocean blue chairs.

Save a Place

A placesetting with a coral shaped place card holder.
Photography by Mac Jamieson, Styling by Dorothy Walton

Share your enthusiasm with your dinner guests with these coral-inspired place card holders, and make sure everyone’s place at the table is overflowing with coastal charm.

Wall to Wall

A tabletop vignette with coral accents in front of a wall with coral wallpaper.
Photography by Jim Bathie, Styling by Dorothy Walton

If your love for coral knows no bounds, consider making a commitment with wallpaper that’s designed to keep the ocean close! This vignette pairs the pattern with faux coral bookends for an added bonus.

Star of the Show

A bookshelf painted coral with coastal accents.
Image by Kimberly Davis

While coral décor is perfect for adding subtle nods to the coast, it can also be a stunning centerpiece! Here, an oversize piece in a shade of white offers a sharp contrast to the saturated scene behind.

A Marine Masterpiece

A framed drawing of blue coral.
Image by Birch Lane

If you’re looking for something more two-dimensional, consider a coral-inspired work of art! Easily swapped out if you want to change things up during the winter months, it’s sure to be a showstopper all summer long!

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