9 Enchanting English Country Cottages to Fall in Love With

Photography by Jim Bathie

Text by Bethany Adams

One of the best parts of cottage style is the way it encompasses a wide range of personal tastes, but nothing embodies the timeless elements of this design spirit more than the quaint and unassuming homes that dot the English countryside! Just in case you haven’t had the chance to wander the Cotswolds in search of these fairy-tale abodes, we’ve done the next best thing and compiled a few of our favorites for you to enjoy. So, pull on your slippers, grab a fresh cuppa, and tour these British beauties!

A Botanical Bounty

Photography by @sparrowinlondon via Instagram

Is any countryside cottage truly complete without an overflowing garden outside? A winding stairway and climbing ivy are just icing on the cake!

Delightful Details

Photography by @alifemorelovely via Instagram

The architectural detailing on this cottage sings of storybook style, and with a field of flowers just outside the front door, it couldn’t be more picturesque!

No Place Like Home

Photography by @charlottec___ via Instagram

There’s nothing like coming home to a cozy sight at the end of a dreary day, and this thatched charmer sporting double chimneys certainly fits the bill!

What’s in a Name?

Photography by @elaineannowen via Instagram

There’s just something extra endearing about a home with a name. Throw in an inviting gate and some lush growth, and you’ve got the cottage of our dreams!

Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Photography by @englandspuzzle via Instagram

From the thatched roof and brick detailing to the stone feature reminiscent of a wishing well, this unassuming abode would have anyone tickled pink!

Enchanting Essentials

Photography by @postcardsbyhannah via Instagram

Climbing roses and a winding brick path should be required elements for any English cottage—or at least highly encouraged!

An Understated Beauty

Photography by @my_french_cottage via Instagram

Sometimes, simple and sweet is the way to go! With a few eye-catching details and a welcoming double gate, this stone beauty in the Cotswolds has charm to spare!

Finishing Touches

Photography by @mrchrisspeed via Instagram

It’s all in the details—like the sky blue trim on this village dwelling. Combined with the lush hedge and the scalloped edging along the roof, the look it creates is nothing short of magical!

A Dream Come True

Photography by @hope_and_wander via Instagram

This Cambridgeshire cottage boasts a unique beauty that has us dreaming of days spent by the window with a cup of tea, and the terra-cotta shingles and bursting basket of flowers complete the dream!

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