9 Creative Ways to Display Your Favorite Vintage Finds

These style ideas are priceless.

Text by Bethany Adams

Vintage finds are always at home in cottage style, but placing that perfect piece on a shelf just isn’t doing it justice. To help you restore your beloved antiques to a place of honor, we’ve put together our favorite ways to creatively display that unforgettable flea market find. From DIY ideas to styling suggestions, we hope this list of inspiration helps you enjoy your antique finds in a new way—every day!

1Make a Masterpiece

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

Pair up your vintage pieces to create something new and beautiful. These charming shutters are even more eye-catching as backdrops for mismatched works of art.

2Frame Your Finds

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

Have a collection of letters or postcards taking up space in your closet? Share them with your guests! This homeowner displayed the illustrated letters her mother wrote her father during World War II in floating frames.

3Scale Up the Style

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

A weathered kitchen scale is a beautiful piece in itself, but it’s also the perfect place to display other favorite finds—or even a cheerful potted plant.

4Dress It Up

Photography by Kelly Wallace

An antique dress form not only provides plenty of space to hold this homeowner’s collection of vintage rhinestone jewelry but also serves as a sparkling work of art in the home’s living area. See the rest of this home in our Vintage Cottage special issue!

5Put Them to Work

Photography by Kelly Wallace

Put those vintage pieces to good use! Stacked high to create a charming display, these antique suitcases also offer extra storage.

6Get the Scoop

Rather than gathering dust on a shelf, these teacups serve double duty as scoops in the homeowner’s pantry. Too see the rest of the space, pick up a copy of our Vintage Cottage special issue.

7Reinvent and Refresh

Photography by Mac Jamieson

Found a piece you love but have no use for? Don’t be afraid to reinvent it, like the Oriental rug that was used to upholster this ottoman.

8Light It Up

Photography by Jim Bathie

Interested in a DIY project? These lamps turned beloved items into something both beautiful and functional.

9Go Green

Those vintage tins are good for more than holding spare change and loose buttons—give them new life (literally) by using them as planters.