These 8 Projects Will Beautify Your Cottage in a Weekend or Less

Photography by Mac Jamieson, Styling by Courtni Bodiford, Design by Willow Homes and Chickadee Interiors

Text by Bethany Adams

Looking for a way to refresh your home for spring without putting the time and funds into a complete makeover? If you’ve got a free weekend and a creative spirit, these projects are perfect for updating your cottage with a little fresh style! Grab your paintbrushes, throw pillows, and wallpaper scraps, and get ready to get creative!

A Fresh Finish

Photography by Cindy Blackenburg

A fresh coat of paint can turn a tired piece of furniture into a new favorite—especially if you let yourself get creative with it! Taking on a refinishing project is a great way to fill a weekend, and we’ve got a few tips to make it a little easier for you!

Grow Green

Photography by Jim Bathie

Liven up a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or any other space with a lush plant that will not only add color but could also help to purify the air in your home! Worried you won’t be able to keep them healthy? We’ve got the advice to help!

A Quick Change

Photography by William Dickey, Design by Richard Tubb Interiors

Want to update your kitchen or bathroom cabinets (or other furniture) without doing a full repaint? It’s amazing what swapping out the hardware for something fresh will do! Go for something that reflects your personality, or try your hand at mixing metals for added depth to your design.

Paper that Pops

Photography by Christina Wedge and Angie Webb, Design by The Pink Clutch

Removable wallpaper has changed the game for accenting walls, and it’s also perfect for adding a pop of color or pattern to stairs, drawers, and any other spot that could use a little brightening up. For more inspiration on how to use this current design favorite, check out a few of our favorite examples!

Switch it Up

Photography by John O’Hagan, Styling by Yukie McLean

Even if you don’t want to add new pieces to your space, trying different variations of the décor you already own and love can result in a true transformation. Restyle your bookshelves, table, or porch, and you may just create a new favorite space in your home!

All in the Accessories

Photography by Mac Jamieson, Styling by Courtni Bodiford, Design by Willow Homes and Chickadee Interiors

A home makeover doesn’t have to mean buying brand new furniture—accessories are the perfect go-to items for a refresh! Toss in a few colorful throw pillows for the season, swap out the décor on your nightstand, or add a new element to your tablescape. For inspiration on where to find spring-ready products, take a look at some of our favorite finds!

Tidy Up

Photography by Gina Zeidler

The easiest way to refresh your home for the season? Open the windows and dig into spring cleaning with our tips for getting your cottage organized here and here!

A Work of Art

Photography by William Dickey, Design by The Lettered Cottage

Turn a bland wall in your cottage into an eye-catching work of art! A gallery wall of paintings, a display of your valued collection, a set of stunning mirrors—hanging a few favorite pieces is a simple way to create a focal point and spark conversation! See more ideas for creative wall art here.

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