7 Ways to Display Your Kid’s Artistic Creations in Any Room of Your Home

Photography by Laurey Glenn, Design by Mel Bean Interiors

Text by Hannah Nance

Every parent has plenty of it—kids’ art. From finger paintings to pencil-sketched portraits to tiny clay baubles, children’s artwork comes in many shapes and sizes and usually contains memories treasured by parents. But if we love these items so dearly, why relegate them to a fridge magnet or, worse, a shelf in the closet? There is a way to display your little one’s art and make it look fantastic! We’re sharing a few of our favorite ideas to spruce up those tiny masterpieces and give them the adoration they deserve.

Frame It Up

Photography by @littlems.magnolia on Instagram

Our top tip for showcasing kids’ paintings? Put them in frames! A matted frame instantly elevates any piece of art. Make a gallery wall of your little one’s masterpieces to give a cohesive theme and show them just how much you appreciate their talents.

Mix and Match

Photography by @katharinavontrzcinski on Instagram

Take the gallery wall one step further and mix in your children’s art with more traditional prints and paintings. Similar frames and color palettes create a uniform style for the wall.

Playroom Picasso

Photography by Kate Decorates

Working within a playroom, you’ve got a little more freedom when it comes to displaying artwork. These clipboards create a structured gallery wall that’s a huge step up from using tape or clothespins.

Little Vignettes

Photography by @moving_on_to_21 on Instagram

Not into gallery walls? Add your favorite little one’s work to a vignette of art in a chic frame.

Mudroom Masterpieces

Photography by Laurey Glenn, Design by Mel Bean Interiors

These framed works of art might be the best mudroom décor we’ve seen in a while! Nothing will put a smile on your face like walking in your home and seeing those bright paintings made by little hands.

Corkboard Creations

Photography by @cottonstem

Encourage creativity by hanging your children’s art on a corkboard over their workstation. What inspires more imagination than seeing your talents shine?

Dining Room Refresh

Photography and design by The Handmade Home

What was once a hodgepodge of taped artwork on a wall has now become a museum showcase of children’s art. Can you imagine the joy on those little one’s faces when they discovered their creations framed and displayed in such a prestigious spot?

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