7 Things That Have Brought Us Joy During Quarantine

Photography by Rachel Tweggs

Text by Courtni Bodiford

With all the uncertainty going on around us during quarantine, it’s important for us to surround ourselves with things that provide a sense of comfort and remind us to think positively. Below are some of my favorite products and resources that have brought me joy and calmness.

 Le Labo Hand Lotion

Photography by Le Labo

In my opinion, Le Labo truly creates the most amazing scents, and this hand cream is no exception! This has been my go-to for keeping my hands soft after the many needed hand washes throughout the day.

The Laundress Surface Cleaner

Photography by The Laundress

This all-purpose surface cleaner from The Laundress works wonders! I can rest assured knowing it’s nontoxic but will still get the job done. This cleaner keeps my surfaces bacteria-free while leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

Corkcicle Hybrid Canteen

Photography by Corckcicle

If you’re anything like me, then you understand how easy it is to forget to stay hydrated while working from home. I use this Hybrid Canteen from Corkcicle as a pretty reminder to drink my daily dose of H2O.

Apple Watch

Photography by Apple

While working from home, I’ve quickly realized that hours can go by before I’ve even moved from my computer. I’m so glad my Apple Watch reminds me to get up and move around. I think it’s super important to take a break for stretching or even a quick walk to reset my mind.

My Life Well Loved

Photography by My Life Well Loved

For a positive pick-me-up, I can always count on Heather Brown’s blog, My Life Well Loved. Not only is she (and her family) adorable, but her optimism, realness, and joy for life are inspiring.

Promptly Journals Gratitude Journal

Photography by Promptly Journals

If you’re into journaling, or even if you’re not, these Promptly Journals are super easy to follow, as they give daily prompts and are a great reminder to exercise gratitude. For me, this journal has been helpful to relieve anxiety and help me focus on more positive things.

West Elm Organic Washed Cotton Percale Sheets

Photography by West Elm

At the end of a long work-from-home day, it’s so nice to crawl into a bed made with these cozy organic cotton sheets from West Elm. I love the comforting feeling a nice pair of sheets can provide.

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