7 Lessons We Learned from Mom

7 Lessons We Learned from MomJodi Daniels, Art Director—

 My mother has taught me many things like baking, sewing, and even how to change a flat tire, but one of the greatest things that I learned from her was kindness. She is always giving and never asking for anything in return. She loves to serve her family as well as others—whether it is to offer a place at her table, a pillow from her bed, or a ride to somewhere . . . anywhere. If she isn’t serving, my mother is leading by grace or sharing her knowledge of many things to all those around her. Her love is unconditional, and her heart is amazing. And learning from my mother’s Christian example, I strive to be kind and hope to be half the mother she is to me and my three sisters.

7 Lessons We Learned from MomMeg Lundberg, Copy Editor—

 My mother is special in a lot of the ways that other people’s mothers are: She’s funny and kind, strong and independent, she makes the best jambalaya, and she knows her way around a home renovation project. What proves she’s a phenomenal woman, though, is the fact that she carried me for 43 weeks before finally inducing labor. It was the first and last time I was ever late for anything and a wild story, for sure, but it mirrors our entire relationship over the last few decades, from trying to help me make friends in middle school to guiding me into adulthood: She has always let me take my sweet time, known when to give me a push, and helped me when my sweet time has turned bitter. With that level of patience, support, and love, how could I not think she’s the best?