8 Lessons We Learned from Mom

Adrienne Davis, Copy Editor—

Everyone who meets my mom is immediately attracted to her warm, gregarious personality and quick-witted humor. “Your mom is the best,” they all say. It’s true; she is beloved by many people, and I consider it an incredible honor to be her daughter. From her example, I’ve learned kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness as she strives to make others feel special with her gracious demeanor and creativity, whether she’s giving a gift, preparing a meal, telling a funny story, or lending a helpful hand. My mom is also a multitalented woman who impresses with her green thumb, her healthy lifestyle, her artistic flair, her home-improvement skills, and her financial prowess, to name just a few. I’m constantly amazed at how she manages to do it all. I’m also really proud of her. Mom’s life has been filled with many hardships and disappointments, but she has had the strength to overcome and the discipline to succeed. And I’m most thankful for the way she continues to teach me that kind of courage and determination, how to tackle life step-by-step, to keep laughing, and to never give up.

Sidney Bragiel, Senior Stylist—

My mother’s name is Joy and if you have ever met her, you know that it perfectly captures her personality. Through her example, she has taught me to choose joy, exude warmth and kindness, and to always “sparkle.”  She has never met a stranger, and I’ve learned by watching her, that stepping out of your shell and starting a conversation just might forge a new friendship.  Her joy for life, and loving other people is exemplified in her gracious hospitality.  I know my passion for entertaining has stemmed from watching her host countless parties while growing up. From small intimate dinner parties to birthday and wedding celebrations, no accomplishment goes uncelebrated. All details are thoughtfully considered, from the menu (homemade of course!) to the party favors, and everything in between. Her warm and inviting demeanor makes every guest feel right at home the minute they walk in the door. At her core she is giving…always looking at what she can do for others and how to make them feel loved. I’m thankful for her example of selflessness, and hope that I can successfully pass along her legacy to my own children.

Holly Seng, Editorial Assistant—

The first word that comes to mind when I think about my mother is strength. Throughout her life she has overcome many challenges such as losing a brother and being diagnosed with breast cancer. However, regardless of her present situation she always chose to stay strong and keep a positive outlook. Her ability to always find the silver lining has taught both my sister and I the wonderful gift of gratitude and the many blessings that come with it. Growing up, every task was viewed as an adventure and not a chore. Captivating stories and contagious laughter are just a few of the qualities that make her an excellent hostess. I hope one day I bring as much happiness and joy into my home that she brought into mine.