8 Lessons We Learned from Mom

7 Lessons We Learned from MomHannah Jones, Assistant Editor—

My family moved into a modest home in the suburbs when I was just eight months old, and this is where my parents still reside. Our home was always full of personality, with pictures of my brothers and me crowding the walls and our colorful drawings framed and put on the fridge. My mom didn’t follow the latest trends; instead, she opted for timeless style in a comfortable way, creating a home that three kids and multiple pets could enjoy without destroying. She taught me that in the pursuit of having a beautiful house, never be willing to sacrifice having a home to actually live in. Messes and laundry and such could wait; what mattered to her was that we were happy and that she had the opportunity to share in our happiness. In fact, though my parents ached to move for years, they decided not to so we could stay close to our friends. She always put us first, and still does to this day.

7 Lessons We Learned from MomJodi Daniels, Art Director—

 My mother has taught me many things like baking, sewing, and even how to change a flat tire, but one of the greatest things that I learned from her was kindness. She is always giving and never asking for anything in return. She loves to serve her family as well as others—whether it is to offer a place at her table, a pillow from her bed, or a ride to somewhere . . . anywhere. If she isn’t serving, my mother is leading by grace or sharing her knowledge of many things to all those around her. Her love is unconditional, and her heart is amazing. And learning from my mother’s Christian example, I strive to be kind and hope to be half the mother she is to me and my three sisters.