8 Lessons We Learned from Mom

7 Lessons We Learned from Mom
Photography by Emily Reiter and Rhianna Mercier

To celebrate Mother’s Day is to honor the love and happy times we have shared and look to the future to honor our mothers and grandmothers, never forgetting their indelible influence on our lives. They made their mark on us in our formative years to have purpose and goals in life. They inspire us to be ourselves and develop our talents to share with the world. They taught us that beauty is only skin deep, the heart is the source of our strength, and family is forever. From always having fresh flowers on hand to the perfect way to ice a cake, our moms taught us how to make a house a home. Below, The Cottage Journal team has rounded up the top lessons we learned from our mothers, from serving to loving and everything in between.

Cindy Cooper, Former Editorial Director—

In honor and with great pride, I remember my mother on this holiday, and I only hope I can pass along part of the inspiration she taught me. Just one of her famous lines was, “Put a little lipstick on—your day will be much better!” My sister and I tend to repeat that to our daughters, too, in her honor. “Grandmom always said . . .”