7 Cottage Collections to Inspire a New Passion

Photography by Tanya L. Cooper

Text by Bethany Adams

Whether it’s a hobby, an investment, or a way of preserving precious memories, starting a collection is the perfect way to foster a passion and share it with the world. Interested in having your own but not sure where to begin? Let these 7 collection features spark a little inspiration and launch you on your own collecting journey!

Lovely Linens

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

There’s little more elegant than linens embroidered with elegant monograms. These textiles offer a romantic glimpse into the past and add a softening touch to the places you choose to display them in your home.

Stand-Up Style

Photography by Tanya L. Cooper

The result of long Alaskan winters, one woman’s cake stand collection has become an indelible part of her identity. With endless colors and designs to admire, these functional finds are as stunning as the sweet treats they were made to hold!

Just Desserts

Photography by Tanya L. Cooper

Designed to hold the famous chocolate delicacy, pot de crème cups are lidded treasures made in a wide range of styles and decorated with a gorgeous array of designs. Whether you choose to use them or simply appreciate their unique beauty, these tiny pots are as sweet as the dessert that inspires their name!

The Perfect Pair

Photography by John O’Hagan

With a history that stretches back to the 1800s, salt and pepper shakers have been a popular collectors’ item for decades—and it’s no wonder why! Made of every material from silver to ceramic to wood and available in every imaginable shape, these paired pieces are so sought-after that the love of collecting them has its own name.

A Cut Above

Photography by Jim Bathie

Want to know the history behind the fun-shaped finds that make the perfect adornment for any kitchen wall? Check out these cutting board collections that were inspired by beloved memories.

Sharp and Stylish

Photography by William Dickey

While their use is not as widespread as it once was, letter openers are still sought for their elegant and creative designs. Whether purchased for function or purely for decoration, they contribute a sophisticated style to any desktop.

Fashionably Functional

Photography by Caroline Smith

Perfect for lovers of European style, French body pitchers were created to be useful but offer an abundance of beauty on top of their function. These pitchers can be found in a wide range of colors and often feature delightful designs, making them a magnifique option for collecting.

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