These 6 Shades Will Add Instant Summery Style to Your Space

Photography by Christina Wedge, Design by Paige Minear

Text by Bethany Adams

Celebrate summer by welcoming the vibrant hues of the season into your home! From the kitchen to the bedroom to the back porch, shades from all over the spectrum can infuse your space with vivid personality and a cheerful spirit, whether you choose to introduce them in the paint or the pillows. In the spirit of embracing the season, we’re sharing a few of our favorite hues and some of the designs that best showcase them!

Bring on the Blue

Photography by NextWall Wallpaper

Nothing says summer more than blue skies and beach scenes, and bringing this serene shade into your home is the next best thing to spending your days at the coast! While you can’t go wrong with any iteration of this versatile color—from robin’s-egg blue to deep navy—this understated denim is just calming enough to encourage summer relaxation, even when you’re not on vacation.

A Coral Complexion

Photography by Eve Wilson, design by Chelsea Hing

A grown-up version of the bright pinks most kids love, coral is a bold choice with plenty of payoff when you incorporate it right. Introduce this tint more conservatively in accessories like throw pillows, or go all in for a statement space, like this reading nook that’s straight from a coral-lover’s dream!

Natural Beauty

Photography by Alisha Gwen Interior Design

We’re loving all forms of green these days, from rich emeralds to calming seafoams and everything in between! Verdant hues are a great way to emphasize a nature-centric design, and botanical prints are a highly recommended option for introducing them into your home!

Violet Dreams

Photography by Jeff Roberts, design by Leandra Fremont-Smith Interiors

If you’re looking to add a little feminine elegance to your cottage, look no further than the sweet shades of violet. Perfectly translated into delicate floral patterns or painted straight onto the walls, it adds an instant element of the romantic French countryside.

A Slice of Orange

Photography by Kim Baile for Theology of Home

While they may be a little more intimidating to use as décor, rich orange tones should be appreciated for all the summery vibes they can contribute! Opting for something with a natural feel, like terra cotta, can deepen your home’s color palette and offer something unique to your design.

Here Comes the Sun

Photography by Oakley Moore Interior Design

The most classic of sunny shades, yellow fills every room it touches with summer-ready cheer and encourages a smile from everyone who visits! This kitchen backsplash pairs the hue with a glossy finish to reflect the sunlight and enhance the brightening effect.

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