These 6 May Day Baskets are the Perfect Way to Spread Springtime Joy

Photography by Kindra Clineff

Text by Bethany Adams

Happy May Day! As spring continues to bring new life all around us, we’re still finding reasons to celebrate the season, and today is a wonderful one! If you’ve never shared—or even heard of—a May Day basket, these thoughtful gifts traditionally left on the doors of friends and neighbors are the sweetest way to brighten up a loved one’s day and contribute a little spring cheer to their home. In place of gifting these bountiful baskets in person, we’re sharing a few of our favorites from the pages of The Cottage Journal and beyond!

Blushing Blooms


Half the joy of growing peonies is sharing the bounty, and a May Day basket is the best way to do it! Here, a few blooms tucked carefully into a burlap bag strikes the ideal balance between elegance and simplicity.

A Touch of Sunshine

Photography by Southern Lady

May Day baskets are a wonderful way to use those extra mason jars, and this one is filled to overflowing with a spray of sunny flowers! More than just a splash of cheer on a spring day, this offering leaves the recipient with something practical that will remind them of their sweet gift.

A Tisket, a Tasket

Photography by Kindra Clineff

While May Day baskets can be created from any receptacle you like, using actual baskets is always a beautiful choice! This gorgeous example is light on color but still has loads of visual interest due to a collection of textures and plenty of height.

A Little Something Sweet

may day
Photography by @chocolatabeille on Instagram

Not just for flowers, May Day baskets are perfect for sharing sweet treats, and this one’s definitely worth passing on! The paper cone is a simple and popular way of encasing the bounties inside.

Blossoms in Blue

You can never go wrong with hydrangeas, and it’s well-established that blue-and-white patterns aren’t going out of style any time soon! This overflowing display even takes the color of the door into consideration, and the result would make any friend feel loved!

Pretty and Personal

Photography by @megankathrynart on Instagram

The best May Day baskets include a personal touch, and a handwritten note couldn’t be lovelier! Attached with a bit of colorful ribbon, details like this one can make a simple bouquet unforgettable.

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