6 Festive Advent Calendars to Count Down to Christmas in Style

Advent Calendars
Katie's Creative Space

By Hannah Jones

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Of course, one of the best parts about this holiday season is all the decorating, so we’re gathering our favorite holiday décor trends to give you the ultimate guide for this year’s decorating. First things first: Advent calendars. We all know the traditional calendar we use to count down the days until Saint Nick’s arrival—literally! We’re right there with you, patiently waiting until Christmas. Just in time for the beginning of December, we’ve rounded up our top picks for your Advent calendar inspiration. Check them out below, and make yours today so you can begin your Christmas countdown! After all, you can’t start December without one.

Advent Calendars
Between You & Me

1. Tara at Between You & Me took a simple chalkboard and a few paper bags to make a special Advent calendar for her children. Each bag has a random act of kindness inside—a simple reminder of the season’s holiday cheer.