5 Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins

If you didn’t carve your pumpkins this year, don’t worry, there’s still time to decorate without the seedy mess traditional pumpkin carving brings. White and pastels are increasingly popular with autumn décor this year. Whether it’s just painting orange gourds or creating abstract designs, we’ve got some new ideas for you to try!

Wax pumpkin

  1. Melt black, orange, and yellow crayons and drip over top a white pumpkin, letting the wax roll down its grooves.

Abstract Pumpkin

2. Criss cross narrow tape onto a traditional orange pumpkin. Then, spray paint the entire surface white. Peel off the tape, and viola, you have an abstract décor piece!

Woven Pumpkin

3. Choose several neutral colors and textures of yarn. Wrap each kind around a different pumpkin, attaching with hot glue. This is an easy way to bring texture into your interior spaces.

Outdoor pumpkins

4. Dress up your outdoor pumpkin décor by placing brass mailbox numbers onto either a black or white painted pumpkin. Accent with a smaller gold-painted pumpkin.

Painted Pumpkins

5. White pumpkins can be purchased, or you can paint orange plastic ones and intersperse with fresh gourds like Yvonne Pratt did for her home. She chose shades of pale blue-gray and white to go with her neutral color scheme. See more from her cottage in our Autumn 2017 issue!