5 New Ways to Display Your Collections

Photography by Lauren Rubenstein, Design by Kelly Wallace

Text by Hannah Jones

Most of us are bound to collect something at some point in our lives. Heirloom china passed down through the generations or vintage prints that remind us of a special time, the options are endless and so unique when it comes to starting a personal collection. While it’s easy to begin collecting, it can be difficult to know how to display those prized pieces, leading us to forget about them altogether. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to put these personal pieces on display so you can cherish and share them for years to come.

In a Basket or Bowl

Photography by John O’Hagan

From small trinkets like buttons to large pieces like these oyster plates, stacking items in a vintage bowl, basket, or teacup brings even more beauty to the pieces; it can even be a great way to mix your collections.

Hung on the Wall

Photography by John O’Hagan

Hanging breadboards and dinnerware is a beautiful and unique way to display your treasures, and it becomes wall art that tells a story.

On the Mantel

Photography by Lauren Rubenstein, Design by Kelly Wallace

The mantel is a showcase area of any house, so it’s only fitting that beloved collections find a home in this feature spot where they will get all the attention they deserve.

Hung from the Ceiling

Photography by Lauren Rubenstein, Shop featured: A Rare Bird Antiques

Classic copper pots hung above a kitchen island or bright-hued umbrellas hung in a sunroom, this creative way of showing your antiques frees up space in cabinets and on the walls; it’s the perfect solution for someone who loves to collect.

Displayed with Other Collections

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

This homeowner arranged her fun collection of character jugs among her vintage globes and antique books creating a scene that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

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