5 Cottage-Style Dorm Décor Ideas We Love

Dorm Room Decor

2. Headboards are a twin bed’s new best friend. To cover up plain dorm walls, a wooden or upholstered headboard makes an instant statement and adds a layer of homey comfort to the room. Tall, trendy lamps can help sophisticate a dorm room as well.

photo courtesy of Décor 2 Ur Door

3. Wooden wall décor and metal windmill fans add a rustic cottage feel to this dorm room. The sheer curtains allow natural light to brighten up the cozy space without feeling cramped, and fresh succulents—a fabulous option for those without a green thumb—give a freshness to the room. Cotton is a cottage-style staple as well (design by Décor 2 Ur Door)

tassle pillows

4. Tassels aren’t just for earrings. Added onto pillows, they create a texture element for your design.

Dorm Decor

5. Pairing an accent chair with your desk can elevate your dorm room style. Soft, cool colors also make a small space appear bigger.

These chic staples can be found at LeighDeaux, Room 422, and Dorm Decor and Décor 2 Ur Door, professional dorm décor companies that specialize in tailoring stylish design elements to fit in a dorm room space!