5 Color Palettes for Your Home This Fall

Photography by @86andeverettedesignco on Instagram

Text by Hannah Jones

The burning hues of autumn are perfect for introducing a little fall flair into your home, but they aren’t the only options! Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite color palettes inspired by the harvest season. From traditional to outside the box, these schemes are sure to get you ready for the season!

Traditional Orange

Photography by @juliaberolzheimer on Instagram

Taking notes from the classic pumpkin, a color palette of varying orange hues accented by yellow and white is a never-failing scheme that holds true year after year.


Photography by @thistlewood on Instagram

Reminiscent of our favorite apple variety, Honeycrisp, this gorgeous mix of burning red and bright yellow is fall in a picture and would look perfect in any home style.

Neutral with Copper Accents

Photography by @maisondecinq on Instagram

For those who aren’t fans of the bright autumn hues, you can still introduce fall style into your color palette! Opt for white pumpkins and gourds and accent using natural textures and the warm yet neutral tones of gorgeous copper elements.

Moody Black

Photography by @86andeverettedesignco on Instagram

Care to get a little spooky? Cozy up for the season with a dark, rich palette that is ideal for Halloween festivities and can also carry you through the cold winter months.

Cozy Magenta

Photography by @westcottageblog on Instagram

Pink shades have a place in fall décor, too! Deep magenta and maroon are gorgeous autumn accent colors and can even be incorporated through the holiday season, if you’d like.

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