A Charming Kitchen Expansion

Lovely Kitchen Expansion

Classy Dining Room

Text by Ann Zimmerman/Photography by Scot Zimmerman

For this new kitchen and dining area, the addition is more than equal to the sum of its parts.

There are trade-offs when opting for a charming pre-war cottage on a spacious lot in a quiet neighborhood, such as the dated kitchens that often accompany quaint homes. The solution for this outdated space was a remodel and addition, and it added pleasing and practical space to the rear of the home with views to the back garden. The open and connected living spaces and modern appliances are just what many look for in a new home.

Farmhouse Sink

The carefully executed addition ties the new in with the vintage. The open area achieves an appearance and scale of smaller rooms with the use of pillars, a half wall, varying ceiling treatments, light fixtures, and window placement. The stile and rail paneling  on the half wall and kitchen island, the footed cabinets, the pillars’ classic capitals, and the tongue-and-grove ceiling in the kitchen are all seamlessly blended with the classic style of the rest of the home. The hardware in a mix and match style and the farmhouse apron sink continue the vintage vibe.