4 Ways to Turn this Everyday Object into a Stunning Focal Point

Photography by Anna Delores, Styling and Florals by Margaret Joan Florals

Text by Lucy Finney

Springtime brings colorful blossoms in abundance, and beautiful shades of green foliage fill the trees and shrubbery. It’s the perfect time to bring the outdoors in, and glass bottles—whether empty or filled with seasonal blooms—can add brilliant sparkle to any room. Create simple bottle arrangements down the center of your dining table or cluster them in groupings on your coffee table, foyer table, or end table to invite a little of the season’s beauty into your home.

Calming Color

Photography by Alissa Saylor

Large bottles in a variety of shapes but featuring the same hue add color to this otherwise neutral kitchen. These look stunning left empty and would also be beautiful with a fern frond or sprig of fresh eucalyptus.

Vintage Touch

Photography by William Dickey, Styled by Lucy Finney

On the cover of our 2019 Vintage Cottage issue was a collection of antique aqua bottles positioned on stacked Florentine trays. We decided to fill the delicate vases with stems of dusty pink roses to complement the soft hues of the bottles.

Country Crush

Photography by Mac Jamieson, Styled by Lucy Finney

Here is another cover we styled incorporating antique aqua bottles in a wood bottle carrier. This carrier could be moved to a table and used as a centerpiece filled with daisies or roses.

Colored Hues

Photography by Anna Delores, Styling and florals by Margaret Joan Florals

A display of colored bottles can be striking in its own right. Add some fresh flowers for a pop of bright color, then line up the bottles down the center of your table. You can even try wrapping twine or ribbon around a couple of the bottles to enhance the arrangement.

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